Thursday, April 7, 2011


The cc balance is really more like 18k. In addition to that reality, yesterday I made a payment on braces and they said I had a balance of $400 something. I said "are you sure? I have two accounts here." Oh yes, was the reply. Today...the phone call. So sorry. The balance is really $2355. Thanks. Just thanks.

These were the words the financial aid office said to me when I was in college. "Here's your student loan check. But you're all paid up." "Are you sure?" Yes. Adamantly yes. But it wasn't true. And I spent the check on lots of Christmas presents. Two years in a row.

I don't blame anyone. I'm bad at getting things in writing. Like the raise I was promised. Or the time I worked for some guy and he forgot to pay me. I trust people are telling me the truth. It's strange, but I am a cynical optimist.

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